Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Secrets of the PlayStation Phone: Part Three

Sony-Ericsson's Video Game Cell Phone takes one step closer to reality. But will it be crowned with the "PlayStation" family name?

This article from Pocket Gamer.Co.Uk provides a glimpse into Sony's plans.

"New Sony Ericsson patent may be the real PSP phone"

"A recently-unearthed patent however seems to indicate that Sony Ericsson has at the very least been thinking about releasing a more gaming centric phone."

"It's unlikely that this device is directly compatible with PSP software, as even though it has clearly been designed with a focus on making mobile games easier to control, it certainly doesn't have the sort of set-up that would accommodate PSP games."

"Having said that, the rotating screen does bear a remarkable resemblance to the PSP's..."

"...and if the device ever does see the light of day it is conceivable that it will be branded with the PSP logo."


Its seems obvious that a video game cell phone produced by Sony might bear the PlayStation name. However its this next bit of information that is truly explosive.


"We're going out on a limb here, but we're thinking that a PSP branded mobile would likely command a development platform of its own. With Sony announcing just yesterday that it's setting up a first-party development initiative for mobile games, we smell a coincidence. Then again, perhaps that's just because we want it so badly. More on this story as soon as we have it."

Coincidence indeed.

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